My Top 8 Pieces of Peloton Schwag

Yup, I know it’s so cliche, but I love my Peloton and I know you do, too. It cost me less than a year at the fancy gym I used to go to, and I use it 10X as much. No fanfare, no excuses: just roll out of bed and get the workout in. As with any obsession, there are endless opportunities to spend even more money. These are my top “gotta have it” items that will make you feel like the Peloton godess that you are! (Affiliate links are included, but I have and love everything I list below.)

  1. Spintray for Bike or Bike+ Yes, those electrifying rides with your boo, Cody, calling out cadences while the music blares are great, but sometimes you just wanna spin your legs and watch a movie or even catch up on emails. That’s where this amazing acrylic desktop comes in! It’s made by a small family business and the quality and service are awesome. They include a handwritten note in every shipment and will get back to you straight away if you email them with any concerns. I give you full permission to watch a movie sometimes and not always have to kill it with every ride. Click here to buy: (Please note this link is for the Bike Plus ONLY, the Spintray for Original Bike will be shown below this product)

2. iPad or Magazine Holder I use this to read or watch stuff on my iPad. To read, I definitely need to use the old lady large type size on my iBooks reader. As with the Spintray, this is great for those easier days when you don’t feel like going all out. With this one, I often do a recorded class with the volume turned off… that way I follow all the cadence and resistence parameters while listening or reading on the iPad. Check it out:

3. Personalized Poster with Instructor Quotes OK, ready to trick out your exercise space? PhraseLounge on Etsy has tons of awesome posters with quotes from each instructor. I got one that was customized with my leaderboard name at the bottom (Cody Rigsby quotes of course, it’s not that deep boo!) and love it to death. Check it out:

4. Clip-On Fan Totally awesome little fan for when you are sweating like the hot momma you are. Clips onto your handle bars and won’t break the bank.

5. Peloton stickers These are great for your car, water bottle, bike, or workout room. There are so many Peloton stickers on Etsy but I love this shop in particular! One really cool item is a sticker for each 100 ride milestone- you can put them down the side of your bike when you hit 100, 200, or 300 rides and so on.

6. Coffee Peloton Doctor Repeat tank You need this! It’s super cute and it’s super you. Enough said.

7. Forever Wall Calendar Are you super into checking things off or graphing your awesomeness? I bought this calendar and framed it under glass. I use a dry erase marker to mark every day I exercise. It’s totally motivating, especially when you decorate it with the stickers above… then you can erase it and use it again next year!

8. mPaceline app OK, so this isn’t exactly schwag, although it can make a form of braggerty schwag in that you can screenshot all your rainbow outputs charts and post them to social media. It’s an app made for Peloton users by Peloton users and gives you all the best stats… my personal favorite is the power ratio, your output normalized to your weight. Great for little people like me who will never hit the same raw output as my husband, but I still gots the power.

OK, that’s all I got! Tell me what I missed but gotta have in the comments!

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