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“Mommy’s growing weed!”

That’s what my kids said when my new grow lights arrived several years ago. I don’t think I read the product description very carefully and was shocked at how large the set up was. It probably IS used for growing marijuana by some people… but not me. This anesthesiologist is staying away from that, even…

My Top 8 Pieces of Peloton Schwag

Yup, I know it’s so cliche, but I love my Peloton and I know you do, too. It cost me less than a year at the fancy gym I used to go to, and I use it 10X as much. No fanfare, no excuses: just roll out of bed and get the workout in. As…

No Apologies

The following is a modified version of a piece that I wrote 11 years ago, when my kids were 6 and 9. I work less now than I did then… and I’m still not sorry. Hello readers, sorry it’s been a while.  As usual I’ve been buried; perhaps a bit more so than normal- two…


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