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Hi, I’m Sara Cheng, an Asian-American physician, mom, and entrepreneur living in Colorado. This is a place for me to share about my many interests. The blog shares my thoughts on being a busy and diversified woman, with tips and tricks for fitting some joy and productivity into your busy week. Life is short and I want to do ALLLL the things- I’ll bet you do, too. Thanks for visiting!

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I’m a physician, a mom, a wife, and so much more. After finishing college, medical school, graduate school, residency, and fellowship, I finally came up for air and thought “Wait, is this is? What else is there to experience in life?” I finally had time to explore other interests and have shifted my life balance to a new and more satisfying space. I love photography, cooking, gardening, entrepreneurship, and learning new things! Excited to share about all of it on this journey here with you.

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